What to Look for in a Fabric Mermaid Tail

You’re looking to buy a fabric mermaid tail, perhaps your first one, and you have a lot of questions. Do you know what to look for in a mermaid tail? Once you consider your unique mermaiding journey and do a bit of research, you’ll know exactly what you need!

Assess Your Needs

Your mermaid transformation is your own, and no one knows what you need and want better than you! It’s crucial that you consider your swimming abilities and mermaid dreams before you commit to a particular mermaid tail.

If you’re just starting out, most merfolk agree that a fabric tail is a perfect first purchase. However, there are so many fabric tail options in the sea! How do you know which one is right for you?

10 Mermaid Tail Must-Haves

The best mermaid tail for you will fit your budget and offer all the features you need, and we’ve compiled the top 10 aspects to consider (in no particular order). From durability, design, features, and more, you can feel confident in knowing how to choose a mermaid tail. 

1. Reputable brand

Knowing what to look for in a mermaid tail relies heavily on the brand. Mermaiding has become a popular hobby and profession over the years, and there seems to be a bottomless ocean of companies that offer mermaid tails for swimming!

To find reputable companies worth your business, talk to other merfolk and read customer reviews. These come from real people, and they won’t be afraid to tell you where a tail succeeds and where it falls short. 

If a company or product doesn’t have any reviews, be careful because some seemingly nice, cheap mermaid tails aren’t at all how they seem online. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!

It’s also not a bad idea to look at a company’s history. Look at where they started, how far they’ve come, and what they continue to do for the mer community.

In short, a reputable brand has:

  • A history
  • High-quality products
  • Detailed customer reviews
  • Great customer service
  • Mers that support their products

2. Coordinating set

New mermaids need both a mermaid tail and monofin to get started, and buying the two as a set makes the process much easier! While the mermaid tail skin makes you look like a real-life mermaid, the monofin allows you to swim like one!

Most tail companies design their tails to fit a specific monofin, whether it be their own monofin or a third-party’s. Using the wrong monofin shape can rub against your fabric tail and create holes or burst seams. 

Here are tail makers with their own monofin:

  • Aquamermaid
  • Fin Fun
  • Mermaid Kat Shop
  • Mertailor
  • Planet Mermaid
  • Sun Tails
  • The2Tails

Here are tail makers with designs for third-party monofins:

  • Aquarius Mermaid
  • Mertailor

3. Durable design

The last thing you want is for your mermaid tail to fall apart shortly after swimming in it. Look for a mermaid tail that uses durable fabric and goes the extra mile to increase its longevity. 

Warranties protect your tail against defects and mishaps, and some companies will even include some wear and tear in their warranty. For example, Fin Fun mermaid tails offer a 1-year warranty on their patented Reinforced Tail Tip Technology, and Mertailor gives you a 30-day window to return defective products.

Companies like Aquamermaid, Fin Fun, and Sun Tails protect their tail tips with an additional, rubbery layer that prevents holes. If your tail doesn’t have protected tips, you can find protective stickers online. 

Reputable mermaid tail makers will also include instructions on how to best care for their product and where to find replacement parts if needed. If you take care of your mermaid tail, it’ll last for a long time!

4. Comfortable fit

If you want to know what to look for in a mermaid tail, always consider comfort. Mermaiding is meant to be fun and full of adventure! But it’s hard to have fun if the tail is squeezing you a bit too tightly or, on the other hand, keeps falling down.

Mermaid tail size charts vary from company to company, so it’s important that you know your waist, hip, and waist to floor measurements. You may find that you’re one size in one brand mermaid tail and a different size with another brand. 

The tail’s construction also makes a difference for a comfortable fit. Stretchy swimsuit material is ideal because it breathes well and is lightweight. Some companies also add elastic to the waistband to prevent the tail from slipping off your hips.

5. Appropriate weight

Weight is a large factor in knowing how to choose a fabric mermaid tail because every mer has different swimming capabilities and preferences. The best mermaid tail for you will be one that doesn’t weigh you down and feels comfortable with your swimming experience.

If you’re new to tail swimming, start with the lightest mermaid tails. This means going for a tail that doesn’t have a large fluke and fins because the extra fabric adds weight. A larger fluke also requires a larger monofin, which will feel heavier as you swim.

If you consider yourself a professional swimmer, go ahead and pick out a heavier tail. Your confidence and ability to swim safely in it is all that matters!

Companies that offer lightweight, beginner mermaid tails include:

  • Aquamermaid
  • Fin Fun
  • Mertailor
  • Planet Mermaid
  • Sun Tails
  • The2Tails

6. Adequate propulsion

Take some time to consider the performance you want out of your fabric mermaid tail. Do you plan on swimming solely in a pool or only in open water, or will you do a combination of both? 

Mermaid tails with smaller flukes and flexible monofins are ideal for pool swimming because you won’t have any waves to fight against. Larger and stiffer flukes can better handle sea currents and open water, but make sure you are comfortable swimming in those conditions before tail swimming there.

There are several mermaid tail brands that offer tails and monofins that perform well in both pools and open water! It’s a good idea to examine the other mermaid tail must-haves and features instead of relying only on the fin’s propulsion. 

7. High-quality fabric

If you want a high-quality mermaid tail, look for one that uses durable fabric that lasts longer than a few swims. Most of the reputable mermaid tail companies listed use a stretchy swimsuit material consisting of polyester and spandex for their fabric tails. Some companies also use neoprene, which is thicker and more durable.

Both types are great for fabric mermaid tails and will last a long time with proper care. Swimsuit material is breathable and allows water to flow through the tail. Neoprene doesn’t breathe nearly as well, but it offers more durability.

Choosing a fabric tail made with swimsuit material is typically cheaper and neoprene more expensive, so consider your budget before diving into a purchase.

8. Overall look

Merfolk are in their element when tail swimming and they want to look good too! Because there are so many mermaid tail skin options available, you can create the look of your dreams. 

You might base your tail of choice on the color variety, scale pattern and size, or the number of extra fins it has. Whatever matches your mer aesthetic—go for it! 

You can opt for bright and vibrant, soft and pastel, fierce and rugged tails, and more. The merworld is your oyster and you can be any kind of mer you want!

However, consider your brand and usage when choosing a mermaid tail.

First, ask yourself if you will use your tail recreationally or professionally. If you just want to have fun with your pod and swim like a mermaid, you can choose any swimmable mermaid tail design you like. If you want to become a professional mermaid, you may want to go for a more elaborate fabric mermaid tail.

Second, decide if you’re more concerned with the look or the performance of the tail. If you want to swim long distances or put on a show in the water, choose a tail that you’re comfortable with. If you plan to hang out poolside for parties and photoshoots, performance isn’t as important.

9. Safety features

Any time you’re tail swimming, mermaid tail safety should be the #1 concern, and having fun is a close second. You can ensure your own safety and the safety of others by following standard swimming guidelines like always having supervision and only swimming in water you’re comfortable in. 

On top of this, consider purchasing a mermaid tail with added safety features. This will help you protect yourself (and your children if you’re making their mermaid dreams come true!) and be prepared in case of an emergency.

Safe mermaid tails and monofins are easy to remove quickly in the water. Fin Fun has a whole webpage dedicated to using their products safely, and they include an informative graphic and video describing their Quick-Release Method. This allows you to kick off the monofin and swim out of your tail in a matter of seconds!

Other tail companies that use a similar style monofin use the same method. If your monofin straps to your feet, it will be much harder to take off in an emergency. 

10. Reasonable price

The last aspect of what to look for in a fabric mermaid tail is the price. Every mer has a budget, and you don’t have to break the bank with your first tail (or each subsequent one)! 

Different tails have different prices due to their materials and features. For example, Fin Fun’s Limited Edition tails cost more than the Mermaidens line because they have an extra layer of shimmering sparkles, and the Atlantis line is even more expensive because they have extra side and dorsal fins.

If you want a high-quality mermaid tail and monofin from a reputable company at the lowest price, expect to spend $70 (USD) or more. This will get you a basic yet stylish mermaid tail to get you started on your mermaid journey.

High-end fabric mermaid tails, such as the ones from FinFolk productions, are much more expensive and typically amount to several hundred dollars. However, if it’s within your budget and fits the needs of your mermaid journey, feel free to dive in!

Now that you know what to look for in a fabric mermaid tail, you’re ready to “seas” the day and live your best merfolk life!

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