Why are some mermaid tails open at the bottom?

Some companies design their mermaid tails to be open at the bottom to make it easy to put on and pull off the monofin while wearing the mermaid tail. This feature allows you to use a single monofin with multiple different mermaid tail “skins.” The open bottom also helps keep the mermaid safe while swimming as they can easily remove the monofin if needed. 

How do I know if my child is ready for a mermaid tail and monofin?

As a general rule, we highly recommend that children wait until they are at least 6 years old AND a strong swimmer to swim in any mermaid tail. However, regardless of the age or skill of the child, adult supervision is a must!

Watch this video produced by Fin Fun to find out if your child is “Mermaid Tail Ready.”

Why do some mermaid tails have reinforced tips?

Because the tips of your tail will undoubtedly rub the bottom and sides of the pool, some companies have developed extra precautions to make sure your tail will maintain its beauty and quality for a longer period of time. 

What’s the difference between fabric and silicone mermaid tails?

There are several differences between silicone and fabric mermaid tails. 

Silicone is much heavier, doesn’t stretch or breathe, and is more expensive. Fabric is lightweight, easy to travel with, and more affordable. On the other hand, silicone tails can have textures that a fabric mermaid tail cannot.

Fabric mermaid tails are perfect for beginners at mermaiding and hobbyists, whereas silicone tails are better suited for professional mermaids and those very experienced at mermaiding.

Are mermaid tails safe?

While no manufacturer of mermaid tails intentionally makes a dangerous product, some companies incorporate more types of safety features into their designs than others.

In particular, Fin Fun demonstrates their dedication to protecting merfolk of all ages with safety guidelines and multiple videos on their website. Learn more about Fin Fun’s attention to safety here.

Are mermaid lessons available online?

While mermaid classes are not available online, different companies, such as Fin Fun, offer instructional videos on their YouTube channel. If you’re interested in taking mermaid classes in your local area, you can find a Mermaid University affiliated instructor or facility here

Is swimming in a mermaid tail good for my health?

Swimming is a great form of cardio and strength exercise, and mermaid swimming is no different! Mermaid swimming is low impact and relies on the dolphin kick, which is a full-body movement. Swimming in a mermaid tail can help you to have fun and stay healthy all at the same time!

What is a monofin?

A monofin is a type of swim fin that brings together both of your feet and allows comfortable swimming in your mermaid tail. Monofins exist in different materials and generally are designed for use in a specific brand of mermaid tail. Look for monofins that are strong and resilient to the elements yet are easy to pull out of in case of an emergency. Note that in order to swim in a mermaid tail, you either need to have an integrated monofin built into the tail or a separate monofin to insert.

How do you swim in a tail and monofin?

If it’s your first time mermaid swimming, recognize that you won’t be perfect right away. It’s important to remember that swimming in a mermaid tail and monofin takes practice. 

Mermaid swimming uses the mermaid kick, which is an exaggerated version of the dolphin kick. It takes a strong core because the movement rolls through your body from head to fluke. 

Start the movement by pushing your chest down, which will move your hips up. Then, push your hips down, which will move your chest up. Just by moving your chest and hips, your legs will naturally start to roll too. Your knees should bend slightly, but not too much.

You can work on this motion while holding onto a kickboard, pool noodle, or even the side of the pool. Practice the mermaid/dolphin kick on your stomach, back, and sides, and the motion will start feeling natural.

View a helpful video from Fin Fun on how to swim like a mermaid here.

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